Do sometimes all your customers need you at the same time ?

Sometimes there are peaks in the Service area which can not be foreseen.
This can happen due to your selling success, repairs or an upgrade requirement.

Hiring does not help in this situation, it takes too long for training. How can you solve the problem ?

Simply with Abke Technology Support !

Abke Technology Support offers you qualified service at reasonable costs. A staff resource, which you activate only when you have need.

How does it work ?

You train Abke Technology Support on your equipment before a peak appears and activate Abke Technology Support as required. Trained with the right know-how you have additional resources available whenever you want.
You only use the resources of Abke Technology Support when you have a peak and avoid the costs for excess of internal resources.

Abke Technology Support offers you:
· 15 years of experience in maintenance and repair of scientific equipment
· international service experience with employment's in Europe, the US and Singapore
· service in your name and under your control, your company identity is maintained
· fast response times
· fully equipped field service engineers

Use the advantages of the concept :
· faster response times for your customers
· avoid conventional fees through delayed service
· no expensive fix costs, only reasonable costs when you activate Abke Technology Support

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