Abke Technology Support is a company which calls together more than 10 years of experience in development and production of prototypes and small scale production. Our product range covers electromechanical and electronic designs to assist research and production workers.

· novel and special developments
· project coordination
· control of precise motor driven movement
· high vacuum and UHV compatible applications
· heating and cooling of specimen
· positioning control with rotational- and linearencoder and laserinterferometer
· wafertransfer


· development of one off's and prototypes for laboratory use and research applications
· development of systems with mechanical and electronical functions
· effective know-how transfers by close working relationship with your employees
· testing and acceptance of projects within your facility
· design of mechanical drawings and electronical layouts, conversion of mechanical drawings into production drawings for fast production
· connection with qualified manufacturers to produce electronical and mechanical components
· documentation of the projects as part of CE requirements
· many years of experience in international business with manufacturers and users of industrial products
· negotiations and correspondence possible in English and German
· friendly approach - easy communication


Abke Technology Support looks forward to your enquiry and promises a careful and confidential review of your needs. Long term relationships are our aim.